Media Converter

Media Converter

  • Features:

    Complies with IEEE 802.3u 100Base TX and 100 Base FX

    Auto-detection of half/full duplex mode

    Status LED for activity & link to easily monitor network activity

    Plug and Play installation.

  • Applications:

    Either switched or shared Ethernet.

    Ideal for Backbone campus

    Workgroup with integrated mixed cabling environment.


Characteristics SPEC Characteristics SPEC
Multi-mode Single-mode Single Fiber Mode Converter
Port One 10/100Base TX 10/100Base TX 10/100Base TX Data Rate max 1.0Port
Port Two 100Base FX 100Base FX 100Base FX Multimode L/P min 50
Launch Power -15dBm Typ. -15dBm min -15dBm min Singlemode L/P -15dBm min
Sensitivity Level -30dBm Typ. -36dBm min -36dBm min Mutli S/L -30dBm
Fiber 50/125, 62.5/125 9/125 9/125 Single S/L min 60
Power Requirement DC 5V, 1A DC 5V, 1A DC 5V, 1A   DC 5V, 1A
Ambient Temp 0 ~ 70℃ 0 ~ 70℃ 0 ~ 70℃   0 ~ 70℃

Ordering Information:

Fiber Type Fiber optic distance Tx, Rx Connector Type
SM : 9/125
MM : 50/125
HMM : 62.5/125
MO: Mode converter
2~60Km 1:One
S : SC
F : FC
T : ST
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