Welcome to Optogain USA

Since its founding in 2001, Optogain USA has acted from a corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of the global industry through technology focusing on strengthening competitive power. Through this strategy, Optogain obtained product differentiation in the Global world of Fiber Optic Component and bundle solutions .

Our R&D team has considerable expertise in optical technology , industrial design and structure design. We work closely in the development , design and manufacturing of optical components and bundle solutions for major telecommunication companies throughout the USA and many countries globally . To summarize our standard : Optimum functionality , the most compact and convenient design , always meeting the highest standards in quality. In the stage of development , cost effectiveness is always a part of our design decisions leading to a product that helps our customers meet and exceed their bottom line . We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our customers needs always meeting the industry standards in the products we build.

Our factory is a ISO-14001/TL/9000 certified company , our products are tested to meet the most stringent industry standards. Optogain USA takes pride in our reputation in delivering quality products faster than most suppliers and manufactures in our market today . In todays highly demanding global environment , we understand that the highest quality must be guaranteed.

Optogain Catalog (18.87 MB) Our product catalog complete with specifications, sizes and product tolerances.