Specifications of a PLC Splitter

Optogain USA

OPT PLC splitter OFD and Module can provide connections between the distribution cable and subscriber’s cable with PLC splitter. The OFD can accommodate 1×8, 1×16, 1×32 PLC splitter in 1U rack mount module and the PLC splitter module is available in 1×4, 1×8. The moderate design provide simple installation, reasonable price, high quality and reliability. All PLC splitter OFD and Module are tested prior to shipment to meet optical performance.

- 1×4 / 8 / 16 / 32 Configurations with SC / LC connectors (Other connector Options)
- Easy to install in existing infrastructure
- Wideband operation1260nm~1650nm
- 19” Rack mountable
- Low insertion loss